The 2024 Democratic Party Primary kicks off with early voting on Tuesday, February 20th. The Williamson County Democratic Party is publishing a series of posts highlighting the races and candidates voters can expect to find on their ballots. Each post focuses on a different office and presents all candidates with the opportunity to answer the same series of four questions. This post highlights the candidates for Williamson County Attorney.

The County Attorney serves as the top legal representative for Williamson County. Their responsibilities involve prosecuting those accused of misdemeanor offenses, and ensuring justice is served within the county’s boundaries. Additionally, they offer legal advice and representation to various county officials and departments, helping the county government navigate complex legal matters.

Williamson County Attorney

Why are you running for office?
Why do you feel it’s important to do so as a Democrat?

The County Attorney’s office desperately needs a change. The Republican incumbent’s focus on harsh punishment and convictions does not do justice or benefit our community. The Democratic ideals of creating help to put citizens accused back on track is long overdue.

What are your qualifications?

I have practiced criminal law for the past 12 years in Williamson County throughout the State, and have served in leadership roles in our community throughout my career. I have experience working with the County Attorney’s office and am keenly aware of the issues desperately needing change.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I hope to bring efficiency and reason to the office of County Attorney. My focus is community safety, youth outreach, and the development of programs and policies that save our Williamson County taxpayer dollars by focusing on delivering services to reduce recidivism.

Why should voters choose you in the Democratic Primary?

I am not a politician. I am a citizen, lawyer, and woman who has seen firsthand the inequalities, injustice, inefficiency, and intolerance of the Republican punitive policies and I intend to create meaningful change for all citizens of Williamson County.

Candidates for Williamson County Attorney will appear on your ballot in this year’s Democratic Party Primary. Don’t forget to vote for this important office, and remember that early voting starts Tuesday, February 20 and continues through Friday, March 1. Election Day is Tuesday, March 5.

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