Precinct Chairs and Officers

Party Officers

Committee Chairs

Commissioner Area Leaders (CALs)

Precinct Chairs

Pct. 116JudiDoyle
Pct. 117Vacant 
Pct. 118BeckyBingman
Pct. 119Vacant 
Pct. 122Vacant 
Pct. 123AnnieStennis
Pct. 135Vacant 
Pct. 136Vacant 
Pct. 138Vacant 
Pct. 139JoshBillingsley
Pct. 143Vacant 
Pct. 144Ginny Gustin
Pct. 145Vacant 
Pct. 146LynnMorlier
Pct. 147PaulaEverett
Pct. 149Vacant 
Pct. 150Vacant 
Pct. 151AndeWall
Pct. 155Vacant 
Pct. 162RamonTelles Jr.
Pct. 163Vacant 
Pct. 164Vacant 
Pct. 166Vacant 
Pct. 173JanaRamirez
Pct. 174Vacant 
Pct. 175DwightAdair
Pct. 180TammyPetty-Conrad
Pct. 181Vacant 
Pct. 182VictorMares
Pct. 184Vacant 
Pct. 186JanPelosi
Pct. 189NaniCovar
Pct. 191Vacant 
Pct. 192Vacant 
Pct. 198Vacant 
Pct. 201ShellieHayes McMahon
Pct. 202Vacant 
Pct. 203Vacant 
Pct. 204Vacant 
Pct. 205JesseSoliz
Pct. 206NatalieBall
Pct. 207Vacant 
Pct. 208Vacant 
Pct. 209Vacant 
Pct. 210Clark Meier
Pct. 216Vacant 
Pct. 229Vacant 
Pct. 230Vacant 
Pct. 231Vacant 
Pct. 244WadeRoquemore
Pct. 245Vacant 
Pct. 251Vacant 
Pct. 252Vacant 
Pct. 253SammyPanzarino
Pct. 254Nancy Alderman
Pct. 255CarolynRemmler
Pct. 256DiannaSchisser
Pct. 257DeAnn Kiser
Pct. 258Vacant 
Pct. 259Colin Smith
Pct. 261CarolBeatty
Pct. 262MaryStevenson
Pct. 263Vacant 
Pct. 264Vacant 
Pct. 266Jennifer Dean
Pct. 267Chris Murphy
Pct. 276AudreyAmos-McGehee
Pct. 277CliffAnderson
Pct. 278JamesBourque
Pct. 279Vacant 
Pct. 283JonathanHunt
Pct. 284ElizabethPage
Pct. 287Vacant 
Pct. 301CorrineRichardson
Pct. 302Vacant 
Pct. 303Vacant 
Pct. 305Vacant 
Pct. 306MikeShay
Pct. 307Vacant 
Pct. 308Vacant 
Pct. 309Vacant 
Pct. 310LaurieBorn
Pct. 311Vacant 
Pct. 312Vacant 
Pct. 314Jody Garcia
Pct. 317Vacant 
Pct. 318Vacant 
Pct. 319Vacant 
Pct. 320BrookeScheibe
Pct. 321Vacant 
Pct. 322StuartLitwin
Pct. 323Vacant 
Pct. 331Vacant 
Pct. 332Vacant 
Pct. 333Brittany Smith Cho
Pct. 338Brittany Trinite
Pct. 340DougReber
Pct. 341Kimberlee Ralph
Pct. 342Vacant 
Pct. 343LindseyUpson
Pct. 344Vacant 
Pct. 345Vacant 
Pct. 346Vacant 
Pct. 360Vacant 
Pct. 367Vacant 
Pct. 368Erin AlexandraCurra-Spurger
Pct. 369Vacant 
Pct. 370Vacant 
Pct. 371JohnApplewhaite
Pct. 372DeniseGordon
Pct. 379Vacant 
Pct. 380Vacant 
Pct. 381BillPerkison
Pct. 390AlmaAllen Johnson
Pct. 391Vacant 
Pct. 392DavidBarrow
Pct. 393MikeWalker
Pct. 394ElaineFoster
Pct. 395Vacant 
Pct. 396Vacant 
Pct. 397PaulaMulhearn
Pct. 398Vacant 
Pct. 399Vacant 
Pct. 401MiltReichek
Pct. 402Vacant 
Pct. 403Vacant 
Pct. 409Vacant 
Pct. 410Vacant 
Pct. 411HannahHorick
Pct. 412Vacant 
Pct. 413KarenHolgersen
Pct. 415Vacant 
Pct. 418Vacant 
Pct. 419Vacant 
Pct. 420Vacant 
Pct. 421Vacant 
Pct. 422Vacant 
Pct. 424Wanda F.Griffin
Pct. 425Vacant 
Pct. 426Vacant 
Pct. 427BarbaraYerby
Pct. 428ElizabethVillarreal
Pct. 429Vacant 
Pct. 432Vacant 
Pct. 433Vacant 
Pct. 434Vacant 
Pct. 436Vacant 
Pct. 437Vacant 
Pct. 456Vacant 
Pct. 468Vacant 
Pct. 470BrianDeWald
Pct. 471Vacant 
Pct. 472Vacant 
Pct. 473Vacant 
Pct. 482JenniferMattingly
Pct. 484YolandeWilliams-Bailey
Pct. 485Vacant 
Pct. 486Vacant 
Pct. 487Vacant 
Pct. 488Vacant 
Pct. 489JosephVogas
Pct. 490Meenal McNary
Pct. 491JeanetteRowsey

Precinct Chairs and Officers