Register to Vote

The deadline to register for the November 6th, 2018 election is October 9th, 2018!

Not registered to vote, or need to update your registration? There are many ways you can:

  1. Go to the Texas Secretary of State website and under the “Election Information” tab choose the “Vote – Voter Information” prompt and request a form either be mailed to you, or you can fill out the electronic form, then print, sign and mail it to the address provided.
  2. Go to the Williamson County Elections website for specific instructions in Williamson County
  3. Many people are deputized as voter registrars. You can be registered through any one who is a “Deputy Voter Registrar” for Williamson County as long as you are registering to vote in Williamson County.  Attend any of our Williamson County Democrats events and there will always be a voter registrar on site!