Wilco Dems,

I hope everyone has managed to stay safe and semi-warm over the last few days. According to the latest weather forecasts, the worst of our winter weather emergency is behind us. As we begin the cleanup process, please continue to exercise caution as surfaces thaw and refreeze over the next few days. When you venture out, be on the lookout for falling tree limbs and icicles.

Visit wilco.org for Emergency Medical Services updates, area resources, winter weather updates, and more. The Texas Democratic Party is also circulating a document with information on where to find warming stations, donation sites, and other useful information. Click here to view the document.

Since we’ve been dealing with the COVID pandemic and especially over the last few days, friends and neighbors have been looking out for one another. Sometimes, it just knowing that there’s someone out there who cares enough to reach out. If you’re able, check on a neighbor and if you need help or just need to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out yourself.

While millions of Texans are still struggling to stay warm, media outlets are reporting that Senator Cruz has flown his family to Cancun for a warm-weather getaway. Meanwhile, back at home, Beto O’Rourke and his team have been busy organizing virtual phone banks to check on Texas Seniors.

For the time being, we can start to clean up the damage done to our homes but in the months ahead, we must be ready to do the hard work necessary to undo the long-term damage that Abbott, Patrick, Paxton, and their cronies, have inflicted upon Texas families over the years. We must vote them out and elect Democrats who will value the well-being of Texas families over corporate profits.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or just to chat.

Stay warm and safe!


Kim Collins Gilby, Chair
Williamson County Democratic Party