Jane Leatherman Van Praag is the epitome of a grassroots community activist. She has amassed a substantial history of marching, protesting, lobbying, phone banking, and standing up against injustice. From Civil Rights, Environmental Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights and Immigrant Rights, she has championed empowerment for the downtrodden, the immigrant, and women and children. Her activism spans 60 years. 

The Williamson County Democratic Party (WCDP) celebrates Jane’s distinctive leadership as a member of the WCDP Executive Committee. She is a true grassroots organizer. She organized community events, raised the image of the Democratic Party in WilCo and even helped secure our iconic parade float. Jane, on her own dime helped get out the vote for Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential campaign in frosty Iowa but we’re glad she’s at home most of her time.

Jane manages a family farm just South of Bartlett, a town that straddles Williamson and Bell counties. As a life-long tiller of the soil, and as a certified Master Gardener, she knows that you must activate the soil to produce a better and healthier crop. And like farming, she knows that community organizing starts at the bottom with the community.

She deserves recognition and praise not only for her work in the Democratic Party but also for her work with Food for Friends, Mom’s Rising, and shutting down family detention at T. Don Hutto. She is such an inspiration for many here today and is truly one of Williamson County’s “unsung heroes”. 

Jane’s advocacy reflects great credit upon herself and the Democratic Party. Jane, we praise you for your outstanding contribution to the party and we thank you for enriching our lives.