Thank You Karen!

  • Karen Carter


Thanks Karen!

Thanks for Your Time, Talent and Leadership!

Dr. Karen Kaye Carter has served as our County Chair since December 2011. She has been our leader and our voice but will soon be passing the torch. The Williamson County Democratic Party (WCDP) wants to acknowledge Dr. Carter for all she has done for the party and to thank her for time, talent and leadership. You embody a true Democrat in Action!
Karen has been a true gift to the WCDP. For many years, Karen dedicated hard, long hours and worked tirelessly on behalf of Democrats.  She worked with Williamson County elected officials and staff, to carry out the business of our party.  When we were weak and few, all the way to now, Karen has been there. It is Karen’s constancy and commitment, sticking with the program when times were tough, that must be recognized and publicly acknowledged.

Karen is indeed a treasure. Karen uses a phone like a surgeon uses a scalpel; she is able to cuddle, cajole and move volunteers to move mountains. She has the innate gift of making you feel welcome and wanted. When Karen calls and asks for someone to step up and do a job, she inspires us to take on the task.

Her vast network of connections, her immense institutional knowledge and her warm heart has been put to good use for the party. Karen has increased Democrats’ visibility, fundraising abilities, message development, and our get out the vote effort. The Texas State Party announced in 2015 that in a county by county analysis comparing each county's performance in 2014 with its performance in 2010 (comparing gubernatorial race years), Williamson County had the best performance record in the entire state.

Under Karen's leadership, the Williamson County Party has experienced gains in Democratic activism, increases in voter registration and voter turnout. Karen has been absolutely essential to the growth of our Party. Want proof? Take a look at our Vote by Mail program, in 2012 only 10 Democratic Ballots were cast in Williamson County. In the 2014 November General Election, 2,805 Democratic BBM votes were cast and we expect to exceed this number in 2016.
Our party is again on the rise in Williamson County. We have gone from one Democratic Precinct to now having 25% of the Precincts in Williamson County in the Democratic column.

This is how you turn Texas Blue - incremental growth at the county level. Karen is leaving us with a strong foundation as we head into the General Election and onward towards 2020.

Thank you Karen! You will be greatly missed. We look forward to the support you will continue to provide us.

We, the WCDP, salute you. Thank you, once again, for your time, talent and leadership! – You embody a true Democrat in Action!  
-  Jose Orta


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