WCDP County Convention, Saturday, March 19th

  • Taylor

WCDP County Convention

Saturday, March 19th

3101 N. Main Street, Taylor Texas

The Williamson County Democratic Party will hold its county convention at the Taylor Main Street Events Center, 3101 N. Main Street, Taylor, Texas on Saturday, March 19th, 2016.

Check-in will open at 8:00AM.  The Convention will be called to order at 10:00AM.  Convention ends when business is concluded which normally happens between 4:00PM - 5:00PM.

Mike Collier, a graduate of Georgetown High School and recent Democratic candidate for Texas Comptroller, will be the guest speaker at Saturday's Williamson County Democratic Convention.

County Convention Registration

register now through the State Website at:    http://register.txdemocrats.org/countyconvention/signup

All Democrats who are registered to vote in Williamson County 30 days before the convention are eligible to attend the convention as delegates. Those hoping to be delegates must attend the county convention to be considered as a delegate for the state and national conventions.  You cannot attend the State Convention or the National Convention as a delegate without first attending the County Convention. 
Voters are prohibited from attending both parties’ conventions and may not attend one convention and vote in the other party’s primary election. 

lunch orders now closed

Missed ordering lunch for the convention?  There are lots of places to eat in Taylor near the convention site.  Click here to see a list of places you can eat if you missed the deadline for ordering lunch:  http://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=restaurants&find_loc=Taylor%2C+TX+76574 

Want to help with the Convention?

Working on this committee and being an integral part of the county convention success is one of the most enjoyable tasks that Democrats in your precinct can volunteer to help with. Be sure to put that date in your calendar, too.  Please alert Democrats in your area about this opportunity to work on any number of diverse tasks and encourage them to join this committee?


The 4 County Convention Standing Committee’s that need volunteers are: Credentials (Chaired by Deanna Tollerton) , Rules (Chaired by Sharon Covey), Resolutions (Chaired by Sharon Webster) and Nominations (Chaired by Greg Douglas). If you want to volunteer for any of these committees let the appropriate Chairs know.
So what do these committees do?:
Credentials Committee is charged with preparing the permanent roll of the Convention, which is a list containing all the delegate data needed by the Nominations Committee when they begin the process of selecting at-large Delegates (e.g., race/ethnicity; age; handicap status; gender orientation). If you are well-organized and can bring that to the party to ensure a speedy and smooth-flowing registration of the WCDP County Convention Delegates, this could be the committee for you.

Nominations Committee is responsible for allocating at-large delegates in accordance with the results of the WCDP County Convention sign-in sheets – without disturbing the results of the precinct caucuses. After the delegate elections from the precinct caucuses are completed, the results are forwarded to the Nominations Committee. A primary responsibility of this committee is to ensure that the Williamson County Democratic Party delegation that goes to state represents all Democrats and great effort is made to ensure that our at-large delegates are selected not only because of contributions they have made to the Democratic Party and/or its candidates and causes, but that they will be representative of all sections of our Democratic Party constituents. Thus, when the Nominations Committee reviews the applicants for the at-large Delegate positions, they attempt to ensure that our state delegation is a reflection of our county delegation in terms of gender (males/females), ethnicity (black, white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, etc.), sexual orientation (LGBTQ+ – lesbian, gay, transgendered, bi-sexual, or questioning), and disability/ability. This completed list of the Committee’s nominees must be submitted before the full Convention for adoption. If you have a passion for civil rights and fairness issues, this could be the committee for you.

Platform and Resolutions Committee is charged with reviewing and debating all the resolutions which are brought forward at the WCDP County Convention. Resolutions sent down to the county conventions by the Texas Democratic Party, resolutions proposed by the precinct caucuses during the convention, and resolutions that have been obtained by 30% of the number of Delegates to the Convention (as certified by the Credentials Committee as the Permanent Roll) shall be presented to the Convention for discussion and a vote. A submission of such resolutions shall immediately be recognized as being before the Convention as the next order of business after completion of any item then under consideration. Any resolution for which signatures in excess of 50% of the number of Delegates to the State Convention have been obtained shall be adopted by the Convention upon submission to the Permanent Chair and shall not require a vote by the Convention. The Permanent Chair shall announce the adoption of such a resolution. When identical or similar resolutions are presented to the committee, the committee members may combine them during the review and debate process. The committee determines whether to recommend the resolution to the full body for adoption. This committee must also propose and recommend suggestions for the Party Platform for the General Election. The committee’s recommendations are presented to the full body, and the convention as a whole decides whether to adopt the committee’s recommendations and refer the adopted recommendations to the Temporary Platform and Resolutions Committees of the State Convention. If you are interested in what the Texas Democratic Platform should contain, then this could be the committee for you.

Rules and Procedures Committee is responsible for proposing any special rules that the Rules and Procedures Committee believes may help the convention’s business to be conducted more efficiently or effectively (e.g. proposing a rule on how long a person may speak on a matter). They are also charged with reviewing and debating all proposed changes to TDP Rules which are brought forward at the County/Senatorial District Convention – those received from the Texas Democratic Party, from the precinct caucuses, and as described under the duties of the Platform and Resolution Committee. The proposed rule changes are considered by the committee, and the committee members will determine whether to recommend the rules change to the full body for adoption. The convention as a whole will decide whether to adopt the committee’s recommendations and refer the adopted recommendations to the Temporary Rules Committee of the State Convention. If you are interested in improving the functionality of the Texas Democratic Party – from the precinct conventions (in normal convention year) to the county conventions to the state convention, then this could be the committee for you.

Convention Planning committee is meeting weekly from now until the County Convention. So if you want to volunteer, let Larry Yawn know.

Those planning to attend should contact the Williamson County Democratic Party to receive more details. For more information, contact Karen Carter, county chair, at (512) 260-6965 or KarenCarter2008@aol.com

Help sponsor the Convention

Want to support the Williamson County County Democratic Party Convention with your financial support?

We are looking for Individual Convention Sponsors, individuals or businesses to purchase and ad in the program, and for vendors to purchase a booth.

For more information go to https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/wilcodemconvention





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