Hillary's First Iowa TV Ad

  • Dorothy Rodham

Hillary Rodham Clinton gives her late mother, Dorothy Rodham's tough upbringing the lead role in first TV ads that will air in Iowa and New Hampshire starting this week. 

An up-close-and-personal ad, Clinton recounts her mother’s rough childhood directly to the camera in the first two ads of her campaign, which were unveiled late Sunday and will air beginning on Tuesday in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Titled "Dorothy", the 60-second spots cast Rodham as Clinton’s primary source of inspiration in fighting for women, children and working class families.

The story of how Dorothy Rodham overcame being abandoned by her parents to build a strong family is the theme of Democratic frontrunner’s initial campaign.

As Hillary Clinton seeks the nation’s highest office for a second time, a central theme of her pitch has been the story of her mother as a lesson in resilience.

And now, in the first ad buy of her presidential campaign, Clinton is introducing voters to the late Dorothy Rodham.




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