Notice of Election


An election will be held at the February 21, 2019 regular monthly meeting of the Williamson County Democratic Party Executive Committee to elect one Commissioner Area Leader from each of the four Commissioner Precincts as prescribed by the WCDP Bylaws. Any member of the Executive Committee may make nominations for the office of CAL for the Commissioner Precinct in which the member resides.

Nominations are now open and can be submitted in advance to the WCDP Secretary, Molly Bucy at and nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the elections.

Qualifications for Commissioner Area Leaders:
*Candidate must be at least 18 years of age.
*Candidate must support the beliefs and declarations specified in the “Statement of Principles” found in Article I of the Texas Democratic Party Rules and in Article XI Section 3 of the WCDP Bylaws.
*Candidate must have voted in the most recent Democratic Primary election in the state of Texas.
*Candidate must live in the Commissioner Area Precinct they represent.

Duties of Commissioner Area Leaders:
*Provide Precinct Chair training and coaching.
*Lead meetings of the Precinct Chairs in each Commissioner Precinct.
*Partner with the County Chair and Party leaders in planning coordinated campaign and GOTV.
*Report to the Executive Committee as needed or at the request of the County Chair.
*Perform other duties as requested by the County Chair or the Executive Committee.

Kim Collins Gilby, Chair
Williamson County Democratic Party

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