Standing Committees


The four County Convention Standing Committees are Credentials, Nominations, Resolutions, and Rules, each need between 5-15 volunteers. What do these committees do?

Credentials Committee is responsible for the registration process at the Convention. The Credentials Committee is a group of well-organized, computer savvy members who check-in and register attendees at the county convention.

Nominations Committee ensures that the Williamson County Democratic Party’s (WCDP) delegation to the TX State Democratic Convention represents all Democrats. After the precinct caucuses elect their delegates, the Nominations Committee ensures that our at-large delegates are representative of all sections of our Democratic Party constituents (e.g., race/ethnicity; age; physical challenges; gender orientation based on sign-in sheets) in combination with contributions they have made to the Democratic Party and/or its candidates and causes. The Nominations Committee submits their list of at-large nominees to the full Convention for adoption.

Resolutions Committee reviews, debates, and makes recommendations about all the resolutions submitted at the WCDP County Convention. The Resolutions Committee also proposes and recommends suggestions for the Party Platform for the General Election. The Resolutions Committee presents their recommendations to the entire convention, which decides as a whole whether to adopt the committee’s recommendations and refer the adopted recommendations to the State Convention.

Rules Committee proposes any special rules that may help the Convention to conduct business more efficiently or effectively (e.g., proposing a rule on how long a person may speak on a matter). The Rules Committee also reviews and debates all proposed changes to Texas Democratic Party (TDP) Rules brought forward at the County Convention. The Rules Committee considers proposed rule changes and determines whether to recommend the rules change to the full body for adoption. The convention as a whole will decide whether to adopt the Rules Committee’s recommendations and refer the adopted recommendations to the State Convention.

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