Thank you!

I want to thank so many people for all of their hard work on the May elections. We are underdogs competing against a strong machine but we have proven in victories and defeats, time and time again, that when you implement grassroots people to people campaigns you can grow the resistance and beat corporate funded machines. We are still far away from our ultimate goals but with each success, our team grows stronger! We have never given up hope and we never will. President Obama said, "in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it." In WilCo we alter his quote to say County, and we work for it every day.


I want to start by thanking the candidates and their families. As a former candidate for the Texas House I understand the challenges of running, so thank you all for stepping up and doing your part to move WilCo forward. Rachael Greulich Jonrowe, David Sray, Jaquita Wilson, Sherwin Kahn, Tammy Young, Hilda Montgomery, Tracie Storie, Anne K. Duffy, Heather Sanders Jefts, and Andrea C. Linson. Congratulations to the victors, Rachael Greulich Jonrowe, Anne K. Duffy, Heather Sanders Jefts, and Tammy Young! Those that did not win ran great campaigns and I can't wait to support you in your next runs! Victory would not be possible without hardworking staff, huge congratulations to WilCo Dem Campaign Manager Alex Wright, and Round Rock slate Campaign Manager Allison Heinrich, and to all the canvassers. We have been building our party infrastructure through our clubs. The clubs did a great job stepping up to support their area candidates. Thank you to their leaders for organizing so many volunteers. Kim Collins Gilby, Stuart Litwin, James Talarico, Carol Meissner, Larry Buxbaum, Zach Rodriguez, Jessica Stempko, and Molly Dougherty Bucy. Huge thanks to the leaders of the party, our numerous Precinct Chairs, our committee chairs, especially Michael Clark on recruiting a fantastic slate, and our party officers, Jose Orta, Paul Stempko, Stuart Litwin, Kim Collins Gilby, Deana Everett Tollerton, and Dwaine Boydstun. I want to thank Travis County Dems on again partnering with us in overlapping races. Together we flipped Cedar Park! Thank you, Vincent Harding, and Carisa Lopez. I also want to thank MarcoAntonio Orrantia and Karl-Thomas Musselman for all of your help. And the other leaders of the Texas Democratic Party for your support, guidance, and focus on down-ballot races. Cliff Walker, Crystal Perkins, Emmanuel Garcia, and Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa. You can't say enough about the impact that comes from having elected officials help out as well. Thank you, Terry G. Cook and Jimmy Flannigan. I want to thank support groups, Wilco Indivisible Felicia Miyakawa Christine Mann, Round Rock Indivisible Blane Conklin, and Our Revolution Texas - Williamson County Steffy Felten! And finally, I want to thank the grassroots fighters, everybody that made calls, knocked doors, input data, worked polls, and everything else that comes with running a campaign. This has always been a team effort and I am truly honored that y'all have elected me to run it. As I always say we don't believe in off seasons, the work for the 2018 Primaries and the May 2017 elections starts now. Let's get to work!

-John Bucy Chairman of the Williamson County Democratic Party and a Proud WilCo Dem!

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