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 SD5 Sends 11 Democrats to DNC!

When the Texas Democratic Convention was held in June, 2016, SD5 was allotted five delegates to the national convention (three for Clinton and two for Sanders). Today, a delegation of eleven Democrats from SD5 is expected to arrive in Philadelphia to participate in the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

How did that happen? Through active participation in the state convention, six additional SD5 Democrats were elevated to a role that ensured their participation in the party’s national convention.

Here is the breakdown. SD5 elected five allotted delegates during the caucus at the state convention. Next the Nominations Committee, fulfilling its responsibility to ensure that the state delegation represented the population demographics of the state, chose four more individuals from SD5. Then, the state convention elected an SD5 member to the Democratic National Committee, and one other SD member was appointed to the Platform Committee. If we can get all eleven in one place, we will include a picture in future communications back home.

National delegates elected from SD5 are Stephanie Felten, Douglas Baker, John Bucy, Kim Gilby, and Larry Yawn. At-Large delegates from SD 5 are Clara Jones, Shuronda Robinson, Barbara Mayo, and Chau Ngo Curfman. Appointed to the Platform Committee was Amol Shalia. Elected as a DNC member was Kathleen Hoang.

Eleven! Count ‘em.

-Larry Yawn
Senate District 5
State Democratic Executive Committee Man

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