Presidential Primary Campaign Results 2016

  • Presidential Primary 2016


For many voters, the task of trying to keep up with the presidential primary elections and caucuses has become daunting. Who won and by how much in which state? As we get nearer to the national conventions where parties will dub the person to represent them on the November ballot, voters are asking, “How did my candidate do in Texas, or in Maine, or in New York?”

Democrats are pondering the possibility of Bernie Sanders being able to persuade enough super delegates to support him to overcome Hillary Clinton’s current lead in delegate support. Both Clinton and Sanders followers want to look to see how their favorite candidate has fared in the fight for delegates in the elections and caucuses.

Democrats in general and the political leaders of the Republican Party remain amazed that Donald Trump is the likely Republican Party presidential candidate. Voters from both parties are wondering, “Could this man perform well enough in November to take the presidency away from the Democratic candidate?” Do the election and caucus results suggest an answer to this question?

Well, Politico has created a web page just for us. Voters can see state by state results for presidential candidates. They have created an interactive map and tables that show all primary election and caucus results for both parties, as well as an overview of each state’s election process – all in one spot. It’s easy to use and makes following the primary elections and caucuses through the national conventions simple. To get to this site, go to: .

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