Democratic Run-Off May 24th

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Democratic Run-Off for Rail Road Commissioner

to be held Tuesday, May 24th

If no candidate for nomination to a particular office receives the vote required for nomination in the general primary election, a runoff primary election is held to determine the nomination.  

On Tuesday, March 1st, there were three candidates vying for Rail Road Commissioner:  Lon Burnam, Grady Yarbrough and Cody Garrett.  Lon Burnam secured 25% of the vote.  Grady Yarbrough secured 41% of the vote.  Cody Garrett secured 32% of the vote.  Since none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the votes, a runoff election will take place between the top two contenders on Tuesday, May 24.

Cody Garrett will now face Grady Yarbrough in the Democratic Run-Off for Rail Road Commissioner. Garrett is a former journalist and Yarbrough, 75, is a retired school teacher who doesn’t have a campaign website or social media presence.  Winner of the runoff will move on to face the Republican candidate (who also is in a run off).

You can see Cody Garrett's announcement video here:

His website is:

So mark your calendars to vote May 24th 'cause it's not over till it's over.

The primary runoff election will be held on Tuesday, May 24. Last day to register to vote in the election is April 25, while early voting will start Monday, May 16.


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