East Williamson County Democrats Club

The EWCDems Club is the official auxiliary organization of the Williamson County Democratic Party in East Williamson County.
Want to get involved locally in the Democratic Party, support your local, state and Federal candidates? Be active, and meet your neighbors?
Whether you have time to volunteer or just enough time to attend once in awhile we'd love to have you join us..

What we do:
Provide a friendly, social atmosphere to discuss important issues
Learn about the political process
Increase awareness of our local needs within the Williamson Democratic Party
Support the Democratic platform
Work to get Democrats elected to local offices

When we meet:
We meet on the Saturday after the monthly WilCo Dems Executive Committee meetings every Month at 10:00AM. Our location varies, though we usually try to have it at one of the local restaurants, fluctuating across our area.
To learn more about the EWCDem Club contact us through our Chair, Carol Meissner at:
Email: east.wilco.democrats@gmail.com
Phone: 512-827-7724
Twitter: @DemsEast

Or ask to join our FB page at:
Facebook: EWCDem Club