Precinct Chairs/Officers

Past County Chairman John Bucy

"I don't care if you voted for Hillary, Bernie, or neither. Or if you have been with the party for years or if this is your first day. If you are committed to electing Democrats in Williamson County than this is the place for you." -John Bucy


Williamson County Democratic Party Precinct Chairs & Officers



County Chair:  Kim Gilby
First Vice Chair: Jose Orta
Second Vice Chair: Paul Stempko
Third Vice Chair: Stuart Litwin
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Dwaine Boydstun
Parliamentarian: Deana Tollerton

SD5 Committeeman: Larry Yawn
SD5 Committeewoman: Judy Leunes
Current Past Chair: John Bucy
Past County Chair: Karen Carter


100 Precincts: Rachel Fox 

200 Precincts: Olivo Castillo

300 Precincts: Vacant

400 Precincts: Brandie Henderson



Candidate Recruitment: Mike Clark

Events: Jessica Stempko

Convention Planning: Larry Yawn

Database: Jeff Ferris

Communications: Anthony Schoggins

Finance: Kent Miller

Rules: Deana Tollerton

Grassroots: Paula Everett & Jim Jones

Strategic Planning: Sue Duncan

Ad Hoc Welcoming: 

Fundraising: Carol Meissner


0119 Hilda Montgomery:
0122 Stuart Litwin:
0135 Robin Derton:
0138 Vacant
0140 Glen Peck:
0145 Earl White:
0146 Lynn Morlier:
0147 Paula Everett:
0149 Tracy McLain:
0150 Vacant
0151 Jackie Rivera:
0152 Barbara McKnight:
0160 Shane Filiatrault:
0162 John Shanks:
0172 Nicola Huggins:
0182 Rachel Fox:
0185 Kent Miller:
0186 Jan Pelosi:
0189 Molly Bucy:
0190 Sue Duncan:
0197 Vacant
0198 Vacant
0201 Jesse Soliz:
0202 Vacant
0204 Olivo Castillo:
0206 Jim Stauber:
0207 Vacant
0216 Sheila Andrews: 
0218 Becky Bingman:
0253 Rachel Wicker:
0254 Beth Rutter:
0259 Vacant
0263 Vacant
0264 Vacant
0266 Marshall Bennett:
0267 Vacant
0273 Luis Zervigon:
0274 Cathy Morgan:
0275 Dwight Adair:
0277 Audrey Amos-McGeHee:
0278 Kim Gilby:
0283 Michelle LaRose:
0287 Cathy Webre:
0305 Vacant
0309 Vacant
0310 Linda Olson:
0311 Tim Kubatzky:
0312 Vacant
0314 Rachael Jonrowe:
0330 Leonarda Mannings:
0331 Vacant
0332 Sharon Cummings:
0333 David McCaleb:
0337 Jim Jones:
0339 Chris Harris:
0341 Marie Smith:
0342 Vacant
0343 Elizabeth Martin:
0344 Wade Roquemore:
0345 Vacant
0368 Vacant
0369 Vacant
0370 Sharon Sanders:
0371 John Applewhaite:
0379 Vacant
0381 Bill Perkison:
0392 Vacant
0393 Vacant
0394 Dwaine Boydstun:
0395 Vacant
0396 Sharon Covey:
0402 Carol Meissner:
0403 Vacant
0413 Vacant
0415 Deborah Spanel:
0420 Andrea Linson:
0423 Julie Benningfield:
0424 Wanda Griffin:
0425 Jane Van Praag:
0426 Vacant
0427 Jose Orta:
0428 Vacant
0429 Vacant
0434 Russell Troxel:
0436 Vacant
0455 Brandie Henderson:
0456 Vacant
0463 Dianne Thompson:
0480 Tammy Conrad:
0484 Yolande Williams :
0488 Vacant
0489 Lori Ferris:
0490 Pam Rickel:
0491 Vacant


Precinct Map


If you are interested in filling a vacant precinct chair position please email our Party Chair, Kim Gilby, at

 Application to fill out to apply for a Precinct Chair in the interim:

How Can I Become a Precinct Chair If I Was Not Elected?

When no one runs in the primary election to become a precinct chair of a voting precinct, or when a precinct chair resigns, the WCDP EC can appoint someone to fill the vacant chair position.

What Is the Application Process?

Interested applicants should submit a letter of application via e-mail to the WCDP County Chair. Your letter should highlight aspects of your background and personality that would enable you to become a great precinct chair.

Letters of application are used by the committee to evaluate an applicant’s interest level, how familiar an applicant is with the responsibilities of being a precinct chair, and how prepared an applicant is to take on these responsibilities.

Your letter must:

Explain why you want to become a precinct chair.

Explicitly state your intention to attend all monthly meetings of the Williamson County Democratic Party Executive Committee which usually are held at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month.
Include your name, precinct number, mailing address, street address if it differs from your mailing address, phone number(s), and e-mail address.

To demonstrate your organizing abilities, your interest in politics, and/or your involvement in your community, your letter could include such things as:

How you have supported the Democratic Party or Democratic candidates in the past (e.g., worked on campaigns, staffed Democratic Party booths at community events, made phone calls to get out the vote, block-walked in your neighborhood, etc.).

How you have been involved with other organizations that have served your community or causes.
Information about your education, training, activities, personality, etc. that would help you in your role as precinct chair.

Plans you have contemplated so far for organizing the Democrats in your precinct.

After reviewing your application letter, members of the Candidate Recruitment Committee may contact you by telephone to discuss your application, perhaps to ask you to clarify something in your letter, or to ask for additional information. Based on the information the committee has garnered from your letter and any interviews, the committee will decide whether to recommend your appointment to the EC. You will be informed of the committee’s decision before the committee informs the EC of its recommendation.

Your candidacy for precinct chair will be announced at the first monthly meeting of the EC following the completion of steps I and II. You will be introduced to the Executive Committee and members of the party who are attending the meeting. The committee will present its recommendation to the EC. You will be given an opportunity to speak on your own behalf if you so choose.

The EC will formally vote in the open meeting whether to appoint you as the precinct chair of your voting precinct.

Submit your letter of application by e-mail to:

Kim Gilby, Party Chair,